Metalgraph Plus

Combines the look of brilliant metal with a classic finish in a UV stable, outdoor weatherable, moisture resistant sheet. Its integrated hardcoat and sub-surface brush finish provides superior protection for exterior applications and is moisture and fingerprint resistant.A cost-effective, lightweight alternative for fabricating indoor/outdoor vector cut-outs and letters in place of real brass, metal, or stainless steel.

Our new MetalGraph Plus Textured finishes has the same cap and core color eliminating the need for customers to paint the sheet edges for color consistency and perfect for architectural and POS signage.

Main specifications

Material: Microsurfaced Impact Acrylic
Finish: Brushed, Textured
Sheet size: 613mm x 1238mm
Usage: Interior Signage, Personal Identification, Plaques, Exterior Signage, Trophies and Awards, Industrial Tags
Capabilities: Scores, Drills, Laser Vector Cuts, Heat Bendable, Hot Stamps, UV Stable, Outdoor Weatherable, Saws, Shears, Bevels, Screen Prints, Bonds, Thermal Prints, Photo Laser Engraving