Rowmark's LaserGlow™ products are specially engineered to exceed the photoluminescent standards set by many municipalities and organizations. LaserGlow™ has been tested by independent laboratories and meets or exceeds NYC MEA standards, the Photoluminescent standards for DIN, NYC local law 26 of 2004, and the IMO.

Constructed of non-radioactive material, LaserGlow™ flexible plastic is the ideal choice for egress, emergency, and exit signage.

Main specifications

Material: Impact Acrylic
Finish: Matte non-glare
Sheet size: 613mm x 1238mm
Usage: Interior Signage, Illuminated Wayfinding, Safety Signage, Exterior Signage, Tactile Signage, Egress and Exit Signage
Capabilities: Saws, Shears, Bevels, Screen Prints, Bonds, UV Stable, Braille-Engravable, Ink Prints, UV Printable, MEA Certified MEA#203-08-M, Drills, Laser Vector Cuts, Heat Bendable, Hot Stamps, Back-Filling, Back-Lighting, Embosses, Paint Fill, Outdoor Weatherable